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Being an artist is an unfolding ongoing experience as personal life changes and as our culture digresses and evolves. I aim to focus on pieces of my life and culture that I believe need recognition and contemplation.  Mental health awareness has become a large part of my personal focus because of my own struggles and those I see reflected in our society.  For this reason I have started collaborating with the Authentic Insider online magazine adding my artistic vision, often through graphic/digital media.  I have a passion for children and their artistic expression which is why I’ve pursued a masters in art education and have gained my most important title, mom! I have taught briefly in the public school system but mostly at smaller studios and art centers here in Pittsburgh.  I am in the process of illustrating a children’s book written by Lorilee Binstock that helps the reader identify feelings and express them.  During the pandemic I have hosted virtual art parties for a few teams at our local Google office.  I have also felt called to honor some of the black lives taken by police as the revolution resounds to civil rights in our current time. I feel that we all need to come together to align with the changes that need to be made to repair our past and heal our deep wounds as a country.  I feel reignited as an artist to lend my hand to honor those that fell and show their beauty and humanity and to help give voice to those who cannot speak up.

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